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Commercial - eBeko (20s)

Year: 2016
Client: e-Beko s.r.o.
Project: One from the series of commercials for e-Beko - Official Czech distributor for Beko products.

Director: Dan Řezníček
DOP: Filip Hájek
AC: Petr Čížek
AD: Dan Šedý
Runner/grip: Kryštof Kousal
Shot on Sony FS700.

Le Chomat - Fovi prod’s cut

Year: 2016
Client: Dimension Advertising
Project: Production of brand video for Le Chomat brand - luxury bed&sleeping solution company.

DOP: Karel Rypl, Patrik Rajsv AC: Filip Hájek
AD: Kateřina Černá
Shot on RED EPIC.

eBeko - Animated explainer video

Client: eBeko
AAE artist/editor: Dan Řezníček
Graphic: Patrik Rajs

Product video - G-TEAM

Client: G-TEAM
Year: 2016
Project: Short product video for G-TEAM company made as a part of online and showroom product presentation (steam reductions).
Patrik Rajs, Karel Rypl, Daniel Šedý
Shot on AJA CION.

Corporate video - FTVS UK

Year: 2015/2016
Client: FTVS UK
Project: Corporate video for Faculty of Education and Sport of Charles University in Prague.
Shot on Blackmagic Cinema Camera & Sony FS700 & Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.
Director / Editor: Patrik Rajs
DOPs: Filip Hájek, Karel Rypl
AC / Ronin operator: Filip Blažek, Milan Soukup, Martin Marcilis
AD: Daniel Šedý
Runners: Petr Čížek, Kryštof Kousal

Silnice Group

Corporate film for Silnice Group company (short version).

Mood video - Domestos pro školy

Client: Botticelli, spol.s.r.o.
Year: 2015
Project: Domestos - mood video
Patrik Rajs, Karel Rypl

Aerial Filming "Matylda From Above" (Hexacopter DJI S800 & BMPCC)

Matylda is a name of water dam near town Most in Czech Republic. It's the perfect place for wake boarding and water skiing with the Master Craft boats that are seen there.

The film was made for our use only. This is not a commercial.

Camera: Patrik Rajs
Pilot & Edit: Karel Rypl

Shot with the DJI S800 hexacopter and DJI BMPCC gimbal & Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.
Shot at 1080p Apple ProRes.
Edited and colored in Adobe Premiere CC.
No additional post-production stabilization used!

Thanks to Vlasta Hošek and others from the Matylda crew.


A short film by Filip Hájek.
Shot on Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

Short brand film - HEROS

Client: HEROS
Year: 2015
Project: Short brand film for HEROS company. Commercial that was made for online presentation, showroom/event presentation and screen commercial as an opening film of show "Masters of Wonders".
Director: Karel Rypl
DOP: Patrik Kunc
AC: Patrik Rajs
AD: Daniel Šedý
Edit: Karel Rypl
Color grading: Karel Rypl
Shot on Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

Mood video - Kia

A short mood video for Kia

Shot on Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

Corporate intro - SILNICE GROUP

Client: Silnice Group
Year: 2013-2015
Project: Short Corporate spot for Silnice Group company as a part of online presentation, indoor presentation and at showroom presentation.
Director: Karel Rypl
DOPs: Patrik Rajs, Patrik Kunc, Karel Rypl, Filip Hájek, Martin Marcilis
AD,AC: Daniel Šedý, Lenka Řezníčková
Aerial crew: Patrik Rajs, Karel Rypl
Edit: Karel Rypl
Titles: Patrik Rajs
BTS Photos: Milan Soukup
Shot on RED EPIC.

Kimia Hajian - Hold Me (Official Music Video)

Year: 2014

Audio Production: Talent Company
Video Production: Fovi prod.

Actress: Kimia Hajian
Actor: Břetislav Dvořák

Director: Karel Rypl
DOP: Patrik Kunc
Script: Daniel Šedý
1st AC: Martin Marcilis
1st AD: Aneta Iblová
2nd AC: Lenka Řezníčková
Make-up artist: Christina Delaney

Executive production: Nikol Davídková, Kateřina Wich

Shot on Blackamgic Cinema Camera 2.5K and slowmo footage with Sony FS700.
Edited in Adobe Premiere.
Color graded in DaVinci Resolve.

Commercial - Osmany Laffita

Client: Osmany Laffita
Year: 2013
Project: Short brand movie - The story is meant to point out the way of people's thinking of the difference between the OL brand and the others.

Fovi prod. provided production (equipment, crew - w/o direction) and whole post-production.

Director: Jesus Arreola (external)
DOP: Karel Rypl, Patrik Rajs
1st AC: Patrik Kunc
2nd AC: Martin Marcilis
1st AD: Daniel Šedý
Grip/light designer: Jan Dundr

Edited and colored by Karel Rypl

Shot on Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Intro - Mrs. Anife's Diary

Jingle for Anife Vyskočilová TV Show - Mrs. Anife's Diary.
Year: 2013

DOP, Director, Editor: Patrik Rajs

Commercial - 1.LF UK Spots (Niki)

Client: 1st Medicine Faculty of Charles University
Project: Short commercial spots shared through Youtube.

Fovi provided whole production except script writing.

Year: 2013

Directors: Patrik Rajs
DOP: Karel Rypl
Sound: Martin Marcilis
Editor, graphic designer: Patrik Rajs

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