Aerial shots production.

Professional aerial shots. Safely, responsibly and legally...


Professional aerial shots

We offer excellent knowledge and skills with film and video production drone operating. Our crew includes legally authorized pilots and cameramen capable of operating their cameras remotely. Thanks firstly to the down-to-date technology of ours and secondly to the maintainance and service we provide to it, our clients are always safe to fully trust and rely on our offered services.

Safely, responsibly and legally

We operate for quite a long time on the field of pilotless flying. From RC planes to brand new drones. Our machines and pilots are registered by Czech Civil Aviation Authority ( and our company is one of very few ones in the Czech republic that disposes of legal authorization to partake on flying actions using pilotless drones.

All inclusive aerial shots

Our offerings include the bird ́s-eye view as one of the means of fulfilling clients ́ ideas and notions about the final results of our potential cooperation.

We make any kind of shots using our new DJI MATRICE 600 drone and DJI Ronin camera stabilizer, which is compatible with any professional high-end cameras, such as RED, ARRI and others. This setting allows us to capture shots in up to 8K resolution without any post-production digital stabilisation. The hexacopter is controlled by two-man team composed by a cameraman and a pilot.

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